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Jan 13, 2013 4:00pm EST
to the african continent where she visited liberia, ghana and the ivory coast. the primary mission of the trip was to participate in the inauguration of william holder, the new president of liberia. for the first time, the first lady would be the official representative of the united states. as such, pat met privately with the president as well as prime e prime minister and the president of ghana and the president -- sorry, of the ivory coast. i think i just murdered their names, for which i apologize. her official party of 40 included the reverend billy graham. he and tolbert were both ministers, and mrs. john h. johnson, the wife of the president of johnson publishing company. in addition to official meetings, press conferences and speeches before political parties, the africans treated pat and her entourage to a whirlwind of dippers, receptions -- dippers, receptions and presentations. pat took her responsibilities on the trip very seriously. duly noted in the biography that pat snuck away on christmas day to go over her briefing notes to organize her thoughts for the upcoming trip. althoug
Jan 17, 2013 7:00am EST
and liberia. an issue for nigeria, in the north of the country they have been fighting against an islamist insurgency for the past few months. it's been a very difficult fight. they say that has given them relevant experience. what's clear is this conflict in mali is becoming international. >> that was from the north of nigeria. our security correspondent is with me now. gordon, we erred from the japanese prime minister earlier talking about all the things that he wants done. there are crisis meetings going on all over the planet. what options do leaders have? >> very few good options. this is one of the most complicated hostage crises you can imagine. an incredibly remote location in algeria, a gas facility, heavily armed militants have been pretty good weaponry and potentially having explosives around or even .n some of the hostages, apar and you have britain, norway, japan, america, algeria, all these countries trying to negotiate a response. the algerian is likely will be in the lead, because they are the ones on the ground. it is a fluid situation. things have been going on even today
Jan 31, 2013 12:00pm EST
is -- liberia? i am so tired of hearing about israel. i do not live in israel. maybe some of those guys are double agents up there, but we need some people that think about america first. >> gene, joining us from lindbergh, montana, good afternoon. you are on the air. please go ahead. >> i have been listening and watching intently, taking notes on what has been said and ask, and i am really disturbed about chuck hagel. a leopard does not change his spots, and i am a firm believer in that. i have some tough questions if i could ask him myself, and whether it is the democrats or the republicans asking the questions, it is not the time for anybody to run and hide and say they do not know or they do not recall. that is all i have to say. >> calvin, durham, north carolina, day one of the confirmation hearings. you are on the air. >> yes, john mccain appears to be a sore loser, still bitter about his loss in the election. president barack obama won the election. i do not understand why he cannot have who he wants in his cabinet. >> we are getting comments on the facebook page. one says confir
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3